Parking Space Rental Agreement Form

When you rent out your parking space to someone, it`s important to have a clear and concise rental agreement form in place. This document helps to protect both the landlord and the tenant and ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to expectations and obligations.

Here are some important elements you should include in your parking space rental agreement form.

1. Identification of the parties involved

The agreement should clearly identify the landlord and the tenant, including their full names and contact information. If there are any other parties involved, such as a property manager, make sure they are also identified.

2. Description of the parking space

The rental agreement should include a detailed description of the parking space, including its location, dimensions, and any restrictions or limitations on its use.

3. Term of the agreement

The agreement should specify the start and end dates of the rental period, as well as any provisions for renewal or termination of the agreement.

4. Rent and payment terms

The rental agreement should clearly state the amount of rent and how it will be paid (e.g. monthly, quarterly, etc.). It should also specify the due date for rent payments and any penalties for late payments.

5. Security deposit

It`s common to require a security deposit from the tenant, which serves as protection against damages or unpaid rent. The rental agreement should specify the amount of the security deposit, as well as the conditions for its return.

6. Obligations of the landlord and tenant

The agreement should outline the responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant. For example, the landlord may be responsible for maintaining the parking space, while the tenant may be responsible for keeping it clean and free of debris.

7. Insurance requirements

The rental agreement should specify any insurance requirements, such as liability insurance for the tenant or property insurance for the landlord.

8. Provisions for default

The agreement should include provisions for default, such as eviction procedures in case of non-payment or breach of the agreement.


A well-crafted parking space rental agreement form can help you avoid disputes and protect your interests as a landlord. Make sure to include all the necessary elements and consult with a legal professional if you have any questions or concerns. With a clear and enforceable rental agreement, you can enjoy a hassle-free rental experience and generate extra income from your parking space.