Alumni Association

The registered alumni association of the college has played a significant role in the development and progress of the institution. Alumni associations serve as a vital link between the college, its former students, and the community at large, contributing to various functional aspects of the institution’s growth.

Objectives of the Association

    1. To provide Mentoring and Guidance for career development of the students.
    2. To assist the students for Job Placement in various institutions.
    3. To felicitate teachers for their Achievements.
    4. To appreciate and acknowledge outstanding achievements of student-teachers.
    5. To provides educational and financial assistance to needy and economically disadvantaged students.
    6. To participate in various programmes organized by the college.
    7. To contribute in health and well-being of the college community by organizing various programmes.
    8. Endeavoring to collaborate financially and materially as per the college’s requirements and demands.

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