Career Guidance and Placement Cell

The Career Guidance and Placement Cell plays a vital role in shaping the professional journeys of college students. This cell serves as a bridge between academia and the practical world, facilitating students’ transition from education to employment. The primary objective of the Career Guidance and Placement Cell is to equip B.Ed. students with the necessary skills, resources, and opportunities to embark on successful careers in the field of education and related sectors.


    1. To enable student-teachers to find out the job opportunities in the field of Education.
    2. To enable them to introduce the various kinds of job sectors in the field of Education.
    3. To strengthen the ability of the student-teachers for facing and interview sessions.
    4. To enhance the content knowledge and practical knowledge by organizing campus interview in the college and off the college.
    5. To inculcate the sense of entrepreneurship among the student-teachers.
    6. To develop the sense of creativity, innovativeness while teaching the subject.
    7. To enrich the good communication skills among the student teachers.
    8. To provide the guidance about the educational competitive examinations.


    1. Career Counseling: Offering personalized career counseling to help students identify their strengths, interests, and aspirations, and align them with suitable career paths in the education sector.
    2. Skill Enhancement: Conducting workshops and training sessions to enhance students’ soft skills, communication abilities, leadership qualities, and overall employability.
    3. Resume Building: Assisting students in creating effective resumes and cover letters that highlight their qualifications, experiences, and achievements.
    4. Mock Interviews: Organizing mock interview sessions to prepare students for job interviews, helping them build confidence and refine their interview techniques.
    5. Job Opportunities: Collaborating with educational institutions, schools, and educational organizations to identify job openings and internship opportunities suitable for B.Ed. graduates.
    6. Placement Drives: Organizing on-campus and off-campus placement drives where educational institutions and schools can recruit B.Ed. graduates.
    7. Entrepreneurship Guidance: Providing guidance and support to students interested in pursuing entrepreneurial ventures related to education, such as coaching centers or educational content development.
    8. Alumni Engagement: Leveraging alumni connections to provide mentorship, share experiences, and offer guidance to current students.
    9. Professional Development: Facilitating opportunities for students to attend workshops, webinars, and conferences that contribute to their professional growth.


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