Motto,Vision,Mission & Objectives

Our Motto

Education through self-help is our motto. (स्वावलंबी शिक्षण हेच आमचे ब्रीद)

Our Vision

To emerge as a center of excellence in the field of Teacher Education in rural area.

Our Mission

    • To provide experience-based learning for multi-faceted development.
    • To impart proper orientation and training considering national values and core elements.
    • To foster innovative and responsible integration of technology in education.
    • To install the spirit of inquiry through research.
    • To sensitize students with a sense of belongingness, integrity and gratitude.

The values we cherish

Multiculturalism, Team Spirit, Scientific Temper, Eco-consciousness, Lifelong Learning

Institutional Objectives

    • To foster reflective and constructivist teaching-learning approaches.
    • To sensitize the learners towards the social realities.
    • To promote the effective use of ICT in education.
    • To encourage teaching practices grounded in educational research.
    • To develop global competencies and life skills among students.
    • To include values through curricular and co- curricular activities.
    • To organize quality practices for overall development.

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