Swachha / Samarth Bharat Abhiyan

(Clean Campaign Programme)

Every year, our college implements the Swachh Samarth Bharat Abhiyan, a campaign aimed at promoting cleanliness and civic responsibility. As part of this initiative, student teachers visit villages to engage in hands-on cleaning activities under the guidance of an overseeing professor. This endeavor is offered free of charge and is designed to beautify and purify the villages, with a focus on cleaning roads and raising awareness about cleanliness.

The Swachh Samarth Bharat Abhiyan is meticulously planned by the college in conjunction with Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti. Various activities are carried out periodically to nurture exemplary qualities in students while upholding the school’s commitment to education and student development. Through this campaign, the college effectively executes a plan that not only enhances the quality of education but also instills positive changes in the students, leading to increased attendance and participation.

During this program, our college organized and completed several activities, after which the college students engaged in various tasks under this campaign. Emphasis was placed on maintaining cleanliness throughout.

    1. On Hand Wash Day, a demonstration on proper hand washing was conducted for school students.
    2. The school premises were adorned with decorations, flags, and educational materials, and trees were planted.
    3. Students contributed to waste management efforts.
    4. The village roads and garbage were cleaned.
    5. Drains were cleaned by the students.
    6. A simple road was constructed by the students.
    7. The villagers were educated about the significance of cleanliness, with students providing guidance and enlightenment.
    8. Cleaning of village drains and sewage drainage were diligently undertaken by the students.
    9. School students organized a cleanliness drive.
    10. Pruning of trees in the school premises was carried out.
    11. Roads were cleared of debris, stones, and rocks.
    12. Our college students actively worked to convey the importance of cleanliness to their peers.
    13. Students participated in village cleaning and proper disposal of waste.
    14. College students took responsibility for cleaning the school playground.

Through these activities, our college’s commitment to promoting cleanliness, instilling civic values, and enhancing students’ understanding of their social responsibilities is clearly evident.

Campaign Place:


Place Year Place Year Place


Wadala M. 2019-20 Wadala Mahadev 2021-22 Nimgaon Khairi


Khandala 2020-21 —- 2022-23 Nimgaon Khairi


Dr. A.K. Karwar, 9579424209

Samarth Bharat Abhiyan Photo (Click Here)