NSS Outreach programs & National Priority Programs (NPP)


The extension activity represents the third dimension of education. In addition to academic, social, and personal aspects of life, the National Service Scheme (NSS) offers students an opportunity to contribute to their community and the nation. Through this extension program, our college provides students with a platform to engage in real-life activities, thereby fostering their development as responsible citizens of India. Notably, our institute is the sole Teacher Education Institute implementing the NSS program under the jurisdiction of Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune. Since 2007-08, the institute has been committed to developing socially-conscious teachers. Annually, the college organizes numerous extension activities, with a primary focus on enhancing students’ personalities through community service. The institution also conducts NSS Outreach programs and National Priority Programs (NPP) to instill social responsibility in student teachers, aligning with the institution’s vision. Over a span of 5 years, the institution has successfully conducted a total of 151 Outreach Activities and 55 National Priority Programs (NPP).

Highlighted Outreach Activities & National Priority Programs:

      1. Voter Awareness Program organized by ELC (Experiential Learning Center)
      2. Tree Plantation drives
      3. Azadi Ka Amrutmahotsav (celebration of India’s Independence)
      4. Workshop for Adolescent Girls on Menstrual Cycle awareness (benefiting 465 adolescent girls from 2020 to 2022)
      5. State Level Leadership Development Training Camp with the participation of 11 NSS students and Dr. Bhagwat Shinde, NSS Program Officer.
      6. Mask Distribution Drive in Shrirampur City, where NSS students produced and distributed 2617 triple-layer masks to Shrirampur Municipal, Rural Hospital Shrirampur, and Dr. Gangadhar Ogale Hospital, Shrirampur.
      7. Project on Developing Reading Culture among College Students and teachers, utilizing the special issue “YUVA Diwali” published by Sadhana Publications during the pandemic period of 2020-21. A total of 690 participants took part in the online program.
      8. Blood Directory, Blood Donation & Awareness Program organized by SPPU NSS during the pandemic period of 2020-21.
      9. Active participation in the COVID WARRIORS campaign by SPPU NSS, providing dedicated service to people affected by the coronavirus during the pandemic period of 2020-21.
      10. Healthy India, Clean India Campaign activities
      11. Activities focused on water conservation
      12. Activities related to National Priority Programs

Appreciations & Recognitions:

      1. NSS Program Officer Appreciation Certificate presented by Savitribai Phule Pune University to Dr. Bhagwat Shinde.
      2. Appreciation by Weekly Sadhana (UGC care-listed and well-known leading opinion makers journal in Maharashtra, founded by Sane Guruji) for valuable contributions in the development of reading culture among school students. Appreciation letters were issued to NSS Program Officer Dr. Bhagwat Shinde, Principal Dr. M. S. Pondhe, SDO Dr. Anil Karwar, and Librarian Asst. Prof. Narayan Mengal for their contributions.
      3. Weekly Sadhana has appreciated the student-teachers of the college for their valuable contribution to the development of the reading culture.
      4. Savitribai Phule Pune University (NSS) has issued appreciation certificates for the following activities/programs:
        • Tree Plantation: 14 student-teachers
        • Blood Directory, Blood Donation & Awareness program: 15 student-teachers
        • Covid Warriors for dedicated service: 16 student-teachers.
      5. Appreciation Certificate presented by the Blood Bank and Gangadhar Ogale Hospital: 28 certificates.
      6. Appreciation certificates were received for organizing social activities during NSS special camps from the following Grampanchayat Offices of Shrirampur Tehsil:
        • Khandala (Duration: 19.12.17 to 24.12.17)
        • Wadala Mahadev (Duration: 03.01.19 to 09.01.19)
        • Wadala Mahadev (Duration: 05.01.20 to 11.01.20)
        • Nimgaon Khairi (Duration: 14.02.22 to 20.02.22)

MOUs / Formal Linkages:   The institution has established the following MOUs and for effective implementation of outreach activities:

        1. All Practicing Schools
        2. Nityasewa Jondhali Blood Bank
        3. Gangadhar Ogale Hospital
        4. Grampanchayat Office Khandala
        5. Grampanchayat Office Wadala Mahadev
        6. Grampanchayat Office Nimgaon Khairi
        7. B. N. B. College, Shrirampur
        8. D. Jain College of Commerce, Shrirampur

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