Lesson Activity Cell

Practicing lessons in a B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) college is of paramount importance. B.Ed. programs are designed to prepare individuals for a career in teaching, and practical experience is a crucial component of this preparation. It is an essential component of teacher preparation. It provides future educators with the practical experience, skills, confidence, and adaptability needed to become effective and successful teachers in diverse educational settings.

The Two-year B. Ed. (2015 pattern) Programme structure offers comprehensive coverage of themes and rigorous field engagement with the child, school and community. This cell conducts Activities which covers Course BED108, BED109, BED110 and BED206, BED207. (Having weightage of 18 Credits)


    1. To integrate the study of subject knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and communication skills in student teachers.
    2. To equip student teachers with competencies and skills necessary to become effective educators in both regular and inclusive settings.
    3. To engage student teachers in practical field experiences for self-enrichment.
    4. To cultivate a habit of reflective teaching among student teachers.
    5. To provide guidance for conducting activities such as Microteaching, Integrated lessons, Technology-based teaching, and Team teaching using various Models of Teaching in a college setting.
    6. To offer guidance for conducting activities such as Practice Lessons and Internship Programs in partner practicing schools.

Activities (F.Y. B.Ed.)

    • BED 108    Teaching Competency I (2 Credits)
      • (a) Micro Teaching
      • (b) Integration Lessons and Simulation Lessons
    • BED 109    Teaching Competency II (2 Credits)
      • (a) Technology based teaching
      • (b) Team teaching
      • (c) Lessons using Models of teaching.
    • BED 110    Teaching Competency III (4 Credits)
      • (a) Practice Lessons
      • (b) Introduction to Internship- 4Weeks

Activities (S.Y. B.Ed.)

    • BED 206   Teaching Competency IV (2 Credits)
      • Practice Lessons
    • BED 207   Teaching Competency V- 16 weeks: (8 Credits)
      • Internship Programme


    • Dr. R. K. Nannar, 9822965895

Pre-Internship Activities

Internship Activities

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