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Criterion - III

3.4.3 Report of each activity with seal and signature of the principal ssb

3.4.2 Letter and Reports

3.4.1 Report of each linkage along with videosphotographs

3.4.1 Any other information-Reports and Photos

3.3.4- Relevant documentary evidence for the claim

3.3.4 Any other relevant information

3.3.3 Any other relevant information

3.3.2-B. Event-wise photographs with captions and dates

3.3.2-A. Report of each outreach activity n

3.3.2 – Anyother relevant Information

3.3.1- Any other relevent information

3.3.1 Documentary evidence in support of the claim along with photographs

3.2.2 b. proceeding paper page.pdf

3.2.2 a. proceedings Cover page.pdf M

3.2.1 Paper First Page 2017-22.pdf N

3.2.1 Journal Jacket Stamped

3.1.4 Official Support

3.1.4 (3) Details of Report- Murged

3.1.4 (2) Doc. Evidences in support- Murged

3.1.3 Any other-2

3.1.3 (C) Income Expendiature statement(Audit Statem.)

3.1.3 (4) Facilitating research by providing organizational supports.

3.1.3 (3) Undertaking appraisals of Institutional functioning and Documntation-compressed

3.4.3 Any other

3.4.2 List MoU

3.3.5- Appropriate certificates from the awarding agency ADD

3.3.5 Any other

3.3.4 Report of Outreach activity participation in national priority programmes

3.1.4 Material and procedural supports

3.1.4 (2b) Encouragement to novel Ideas- Rayat Avishkar Activites

3.1.4 (2a)a Innovative Idea Tried out- any other

3.1.4 (2a) Encouragement to novel ideas Murged

3.1.4 (1a)Participative effort to identify.

3.1.4 (1)- Report of Innovation tried out and idea incubated

3.1.3 Any other Information

3.1.3 Any additional Information

3.1.3 (B) Institution Policy Document-Scheme of Incentives.

3.1.3 (A) Sanction Letters of award of incentives.(Seed momey) for Research projects

3.1.3 (5) Organizing Research Circle…

3.1.3 (2) GrantingStudy Leave for Research work


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