Cultural & Co-Curricular Activity 

The organization of co-curricular and extracurricular activities in college holds immense importance in cultivating well-rounded educators. These activities promote holistic growth, practical skill application, and confidence-building. They nurture leadership qualities, enhance cultural sensitivity, and encourage inclusive teaching methods. By engaging in diverse activities, future educators develop a broader perspective on education, acquire valuable interpersonal skills, and learn to create dynamic and inclusive classroom environments. These experiences not only enrich their own learning journey but also equip them with the tools and mindset to inspire and guide their students effectively, fostering a positive and impactful educational ecosystem.


    1. To encourage students to express their creativity, artistic talents and self-expression.
    2. To provide opportunities for interaction and collaboration among students from various backgrounds.
    3. To understand the interdisciplinary nature of education and its real-world applications.
    4. To enhance the ability to convey ideas, engage an audience, and express themselves clearly.
    5. To participate in co-curricular activities that involve working with local schools, educational organizations, and community initiatives.
    6. To equip students with program organizational skills through the organization of cultural and co-curricular activities.


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